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"Wickard surpasses Jeffery Deaver."
   —Amazon review of A PERFECT SETUP
"Not since Sidney Sheldon has a writer captivated me so..."
   —Amazon review of A PERFECT HUSBAND

A Perfect Wife

A Perfect Wife

Sami Saxton Book 4

Available August 12th

Smitty Fowler, the Tri State Serial Killer, terrorized the rural areas of NY, PA and NJ for years. During Fowler's reign, six teenage girls were killed, each one indoctrinated into his macabre collection of dead wives in High Point State Park. Sami Saxton made international news for single-handedly killing Smitty Fowler. Jeanette, his wife, wasn't so lucky. Recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and left alone to raise her daughter, Amanda, her options seemed limited. This is her story...

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